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I wasn't exactly a James Bond in Movies, but then no one ever asked Sean Connery to sing a song while dodging bullets.


I don’t admire nobody but Elvis Presley. He was the sweetest most humble and nicest man you’d ever meet.

Muhammad Ali

Everyone in rock ’n roll including myself was touched by Elvis ‘spirit,I was, and always will be a fan.

Bryan Ferry

I’ve written on arms, legs, ankles – any place decent where people can take soap and wash it off. I don’t want no daddy with a shotgun after me.


Well, we are definitely grown up now. If Elvis is dead we can’t be kids anymore, the effect of his life time is well marked.

Paul Simon

Money is meant to be spread around, the more happiness it helps create, the more it’s worth.


My mother was watching the Ed Sullivan show, and Elvis  came on. I went out and got a guitar right away, but I couldn’t play it, I was to small, but that was the start.
Bruce Springsteen

When you’re not in love, you are not alive.


Before Elvis there was nothing.

John Lennon

If I slept with every woman the weekly magazines say I have, Iwould have been dead a long time ago.


Without Elvis, none of us could have made it.

Buddy Holly

Every time I felt low I just put on an  Elvis record and I’d feelgreat.
Paul McCartney

Elvis Presley is Probably the main founding father of rockmusic. He was an unberalded genius behind a new music that changed western cicilization for all time.
Peter Noone/Hermans Hermits

Elvis was my Idol from the beginning and even today when
I’m alone, I’ll often put on the King Creole album.
He’s produced the most exciting pop music sounds of all time

Cliff Richard

It was Scotty Moore’s guitar riff when he was doing the Steve Allen Show that got me into rock music. I’ve been an Elvis fan since I was a kid.

Elton John

I thought anyone who had been the centre of all that insanityfor so long would have some of it rub off on him. But, afterworking in Change of Habit with him, I realised I’d neverworked with more gentlemanly, kinder man. He’s gorgeous.

Mary Tyler Moore

Elvis is the greatest Blues singer in the world today.

Joe Cocker

Nothing really affected me unti I heard Elvis. If there hadn’tbeen an Elvis, there wouldn’s have been the Beatles.

John Lennon

Like every artist to emerge during the rock scene Elvis wasmy influence and my idol.

Marty Wilde(Rock’n Roll singer)

"I've learned very early in life...without a song, the day would never end. Without a song, a man ain't got a friend. Without a song, the road would never bend, without a song. So I'll keep on singng the song."


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